About NIST

Standard education is profoundly connected with an efficient teaching-learning ambiance. Quality teaching as well as the educational environment are often observed as inadequate in our country despite having a strong curriculum. To ensure quality education and learning environment under the curriculum of the National University and section 4 of ‘Sustainable Development Goal’ laid by the UN, the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) pledges to undertake whatever means are vital; from practical teaching approaches to suitable infrastructural establishments.
NIST strongly believes that quality teaching-learning practices and environment can be made possible from within our country as we have the most prolific and the smartest academics who have successfully completed various projects at home and around the world. The brightest minds need a drive or motivation to take teaching as an esteemed profession so that they can help to foster more brilliant ones. With this resolution in mind, the NIST offers to create the sharpest minds in the related fields of CSE, ECE, BBA and Biochemistry by the top instructors of the country.