Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is one of the most popular disciplines in Bangladesh due to its future aspects and a huge range of employment scopes. With a vast and skillful knowledge in the scientific and engineering aspects of computing, a graduate of the CSE discipline is highly likely to secure any prestigious job positions at home and across the world.

To attain higher marketability and confidence enough to undertake any sort of challenges in the fields of computing, NIST is conducting this course with brilliant academics in the related field.

Graduates after completing the course will be able to apply for the job roles of a System Database Administrator, Computer Programmer, Engineering Support
Specialist, Data Warehouse Analyst, System Designer, Software Developer, Software Engineer, Lecturer/Professor, Research Analyst and many more in reputed institutions at home and abroad.

  • SSC or Equivalent with Minimum GPA 3 from Science Group.
  • HSC or Equivalent with Minimum GPA 2.5 from Science Group.
  • Minimum GPA 3.00 in Chemistry/ Higher Mathematics/Physics.
  • Students from English medium have to complete in “O” level minimum 3B grades out of minimum 04 subjects and in “A” level minimum 1B grade out of minimum 02 subjects.
Number Grade Letter Grade Grade Point Remarks
80 - 100 A+ (Plus) 4.00 Outstanding
75 - 79 A (Regular) 3.75 Excellent
70 - 74 A- (Minus) 3.50 Very Good
65 - 69 B+ (Plus) 3.25 Good
60 - 64 B (Regular) 3.00 Saitisfactory
55 - 59 B- (Minus) 2.75 Above Average
50 - 54 C+ (Plus) 2.50 Average
45 - 49 C (Regular) 2.25 Below Average
40 - 44 B 2.00 Below Average
Less Than 40 F 0.00 Fail